What is accelerated immunity?

In situations such as an emergency or pandemic, rapid onset of immunological protection is required. Our studies have indicated that novel treatments can provide a more rapid protective immune response than standard vaccines.

In the example shown below, protective levels of haemagglutination inhibiting antibodies (HAI) of greater than 50 were reached between days seven and 14, post-vaccination, using the iosBio treated vaccine, as opposed to the normal 21 or more days seen with a regular vaccine. This time lag is crucial when dealing with a pandemic situation. During this period subjects are still susceptible to infection.

Added to this, several vaccination schedules require one or more booster doses of vaccine to generate an immune response high enough to protect against infection. If the booster is missed or ineffective, the subject would remain susceptible to infection.


Benefits of accelerated immunity by iosBio 

  • Accelerating the production of a protective immune response, from a single inoculation, could have dramatic implications in the curtailment of disease progression.
  • Infection of a vaccinated individual during the period immediately after vaccination is much less likely, limiting the spread of the disease.

Demonstration of rapid onset of immunity using Influenza vaccine.