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About us

iosBio is a UK-based biotechnology company developing a ground-breaking oral platform that could revolutionize the way vaccines are manufactured, distributed and delivered. Our current focus is an oral vaccine for Covid-19, which has started clinical trials, an oral version of the seasonal influenza vaccine in preclinical studies and several further vaccines and therapies in discovery.

We believe that the future of immunization – no needles, no healthcare professionals, no queues and no risk of cross infection – is now possible, and we are working to make it a reality.

Our vision

iosBio’s vision is a world in which getting vaccinated is as fast, cheap and easy as taking a paracetamol. A world in which no one has to fall victim to disease simply because they couldn’t make it to a clinic, or because they were born in a country without the infrastructure for reliable refrigeration. The technology of immunization is reaching new levels of innovation and efficacy all the time – we offer a delivery mechanism to match.

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The team of doctors and scientists at iosBio believe that the next great leap forward in immunization will be oral delivery

Enabling the fastest and most cost-effective deployment of vaccines the world has ever seen. This is not just a huge leap forward from a humanitarian perspective, oral vaccine technology also represents a significant commercial opportunity.

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